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Ultramine is a selective, post-emergence herbicide formulated with 2,4-Dimethyl Amine salt 720 g/L SL that controls broad-leaved weeds.

Active Ingredients | 2,4-D Dimethyl Amine Salt 720 g/L SL
Herbicide Type | Selective, post-emergence herbicide.

Mode of Action | Systemic. When applied to foliage, it penetrates the cuticle by diffusion. Fully soluble in water.

Weeds | Broad-leaved weeds
Dosage/ha | Maize: 200ml, Rice: 800ml, Millet: 800ml (ml/ha)

Preparation | Make a stock of solution of 8Ltrs by adding 1Ltr Ultramine to 7Ltrs of clean water. Add 1Ltr of the stock solution to 15Ltrs of clean water, pour into a 16Ltr knapsack sprayer, and stir well.

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