WACOT identifies children in child labour through active, regular and repeated monitoring. We prevent and mitigate child labour through sensitisation of the communities, providing educational and family support, women empowerment. We follow up with the children regularly to continually monitor their status until they stop engaging in child labour and have satisfactory alternatives.


WACOT has a policy that ensures gender equality across all value chains. WACOT LTD is committed to supporting gender equity in the workplace. We aim to ensure that all staff have the same opportunities, rights and respect, regardless of their gender. WACOT makes certain that as a workplace, equitable opportunities are provided for its male and female employees and maintains an organisational culture which supports gender equity- in addition to 30% youth and 20% women engagement across operational value chains.



WACOT assists in combating climate change by adopting climate-smart agricultural practices, channeled towards the enhancement of the soil structure such as planting cover crops, crop rotation, mulching, water infiltration and retention to improve soil fertility for better crop production as well as training farmers to adopt the same. We also have a policy on deforestation and combating forest-related risks. We organise training on afforestation and are committed to a no-deforestation policy and to conserving high carbon stock (HCS) forests. The Sustainability team defines what constitutes HCS forests and establishes HCS methodologies and thresholds that take into account regional socio-economic factors. Our operations are located in areas that have been degraded with a relatively low biodiversity value. Every one of our operations is established based on the concession granted by the government and we consider areas that would require protection. In our farms, certain areas are set aside to conserve protected and endangered species. These areas include critical habitats, legally protected areas, natural habitats with high levels of organic carbon including peatlands of any depth and areas of high cultural significance to the local community.



WACOT is involved in sustainability partnerships, recognising that sustainable development goals can only be realised with a strong commitment to global partnership and cooperation. An example of WACOT’s sustainability partner is Beyond Beans; a foundation established under the Export Trading Group (ETG). The Beyond Beans Foundation is fully dedicated to developing and implementing projects across ETG’s commodity supply chains.