WACOT Limited


Under a strategic Public-Private Partnership signed in 2017 with the Edo State Government, WACOT Limited has managed the Edo Fertilizer and Chemical Company. 
The plant, which is located in Auchi, Edo State, has an installed annual capacity of 60,000 metric tons, and has unlocked the agricultural potential of Edo State by providing low-cost inputs to grow sustainable agribusinesses and attain food sufficiency.

Not only has the fertilizer plant helped diversify the local economy and increase the state’s gross domestic product (GDP), but it has also gone a long way in providing fertilizers for farmers across the 36 states of the federation especially under the Presidential Fertilizer Initiative.


Our fertilizer brand: WACOT Bounty has grown to become sought-after by both dealers and farmers themselves due to the uniqueness and high quality.

Unlike over 98% of the other fertilizer blenders in Nigeria who use the ‘physical blending process’, to mix their fertilizers, WACOT uses the unique compound blend process where the primary micro-nutrients are ground and infused with steam to form a single granule. This singular granule contains all the essential primary micro-nutrients needed by any plant. The mixed and moist micro-nutrients are dried, cooled, and sieved to varying granular sizes before packaging. The compound blend process sets the WACOT brand apart and confers uniqueness to our products.  
Our active ingredients help crops grow fast, helps stems and roots develop fast and healthy and protects crops from diseases and helps achieve better yield.


Our manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. We recycle any waste generated during our production process back into the manufacturing process. Our processes ensure the efficient handling of chemical substances and waste throughout manufacturing. 

We produce environmentally friendly fertilizers that do not contain toxic substances, ensuring the safety of food products for consumer health while implementing energy-efficient programmes.