WACOT Limited

Empowering Nigeria’s Sesame Farmers: WACOT and BUK Join Forces for Sustainable Agriculture

In a significant stride towards enhancing Nigeria’s agricultural landscape, WACOT Limited, a key player in the country’s agricultural production and value chain, has inked a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Centre for Dryland Agriculture (CDA) at Bayero University, Kano (BUK).

The focal point of this strategic alliance is the WACOT Sesame Farmers Academy in Gumel, Jigawa State, where operations are set to reach new heights over the next four years. This collaborative effort aims to empower sesame farmers through dynamic capacity-building initiatives, advanced training curricula, and essential certification programs.

The partnership with BUK is a strategic complement to WACOT’s remarkable achievement last year – obtaining ECOCERT certification for Sesame, opening doors for the exportation of organic sesame from Gumel to North America and Europe.

With the global sesame seeds market projected to reach USD 21.57 billion by 2028, this strategic partnership sets the stage for an even brighter future for Nigeria’s sesame farmers, solidifying the critical role of such alliances in contributing to the growth and prosperity of our agricultural sector. The commitment to sustainable practices and knowledge transfer outlined in this collaboration promises a more resilient and prosperous agricultural future for Nigeria.

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