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cotton Seed variants


Variant: Short staple
Type: OPV
High Yield (1500-2000kg/ha)
Resistant to bacterial blight
Short to medium staple cotton, suitable for rainfed areas.
Ideal for planting in Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa, Kebbi, Sokoto, and Zamfara States.
Fibre length is between 26-28mm.


Variant: Long staple
Type: OPV
High Yield (1500kg/ha)
Matures between 130-150 days.
Globulous oval shape bolls with a pointed tip
The plant is greenish purple.
Fibre length is extra-long, ranging between 29-30mm.

Sammaz 17

Variant: White Maize
Type: OPV
Medium maturity at about 58 days to silking, growing up to 220cm in height with white seeded kernels.
Suitable in the savanna.
Days to maturity: 90-95 days
Potential Yield: 5.0 t/ha
Average Yield: 3.0 to 4.0 t/ha
Tolerant of maize streak virus and Striga weed.
Number of leaves: 10-15

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