WACOT Limited


WACOT Cocoa Division started its operations in 2015 and has grown to become one of Nigeria’s leading and trusted exporters of certified sustainable & conventional Nigerian-origin cocoa beans.
WACOT cocoa operation spans Nigeria’s major cocoa-producing areas: Abia, Cross-River, Oyo, Ondo, and Osun, all within the South-East and South-West regions of Nigeria. Our strong sourcing and operational network consists of 8 stores, three mother warehouses, and two-port warehouses for export operations. Our supplier network consists of over 125 local buying agents (LBAs) covering all the cocoa-growing regions of Nigeria.


Farmers Network
Exclusive Suppliers


WACOT Cocoa, through its well-trained staff, is committed to increasing cocoa production in Nigeria through sustainable activities. WACOT Cocoa is among the few UTZ/Rain Forest Alliance certified Sustainable Cocoa suppliers in Nigeria who run their sustainable cocoa programme in Nigeria.
Through the sustainability platform, we drive sustainable production of cocoa, improve the livelihood of farmers through an improvement in farm productivity, reduction in agrochemicals, eradication of child labour practices across the value chain, and environmental conservation. Shade trees and improved cocoa seedlings are also distributed to farmers to encourage replanting, renew & boost cocoa plantations in Nigeria.
As part of our programme, we routinely undertake farmer education and training activities at the farming communities on good agricultural practices, good environmental practices, the importance of education, and many more, and we continue monitoring progress. The training programmes are conducted by WACOT employees, with the support of seasoned extension agents and farmer trainers. 
WACOT Cocoa works with more than 5000 farmers and 20 exclusive suppliers in our certified sustainable cocoa programmes. We aggressively continue to increase the geographical spread and farmer network as part of our sustainable cocoa programme rollout strategy. 
For WACOT cocoa and sustainability initiatives, we have partnerships with key cocoa processors and international organizations, who have, time after time, appreciated our quality & contract performance.