Employee Value Proposition at WACOT

It represents who we are as an employer and what we offer our current and future employees.
We draw our strength from two pillars:


Our organisation prioritises stability as a critical pillar, providing a secure and supportive environment for our people to thrive. As a result, we offer our people opportunities to enhance their growth and develop their skills. In our bid to build a resilient and adaptable world-class workforce, we provide our people with the resources they need to adapt to changing circumstances and navigate new challenges.
Investing in our employees’ resilience empowers them to take on exciting new career adventures.


Our organisation is driven by a clear vision for the future, and only through the collective efforts of our people can this be realised. Our “Owner’s Mindset” ethos drives our people to embrace their leadership potential, allowing them to take ownership of their work and contribute to the company’s overall success. By aligning their actions with the company’s vision and aspirations, our employees can play a crucial role in shaping our organisation’s and nation’s future while achieving their personal and professional goals.

In WACOT, our Employee Value Proposition stems from the core values of our parent company – TGI Group: IODISE, which stands for

I - integrity

Adherence to moral and ethical principles in the workplace, including honesty, accountability, and fairness

O - owner's mindset

Taking personal responsibility and accountability for the success and outcomes of one's work.

D - diversity

Embracing differences in race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, and other attributes to create inclusive work environments.

I - inclusion

Actively involving and valuing all employees, regardless of their differences, to foster a sense of belonging.

S - sustainability

Promoting environmentally conscious practices in the workplace to support the planet and future generations.

E - excellence

Consistently achieving high levels of performance and quality in all aspects of work.